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RevexArtist is one of the oldest hobby- & freelanced Gimp Designers on YouTube. Revex started designing at the middle of 2014. He creates many kinds of Graphic Design - mostly Minecraft & Anime GFX. His real Name is Rouven, he is 17 years old and comes from Germany.

YouTube Story

old channels & names


Revex started on the 5. October 2012 with YouTube - as a Minecraft Gamer. RouvenLP was Revex´s first YouTube Channel. After a long (forced) break from Summer 2013 till Summer 2014 he decited to quit RouvenLP.

CrazyCreeperHD \ CreepyPlaysHD

After the Channel quit he started a new gaming Channel called CrazyCreeperHD (later renamed to CreepyPlaysHD). Revex has made Minecraft Tutorials and Tips Videos. Later he started - inspired by Seltix - a design Tutorial Series at the beginning of autumn - instead. That was Revex´s first graphic design activities at YouTube. Untill then Revex more often works with Gimp.


In November 2014 Revex has done a restart on CreepyPlaysHD. He deleted all Videos exept his Design Tutorial Series and renamed the Channel to AaronArtworks. After the restart he started a updated Version from his Gimp Design Tutorial Series. In December he uploaded a Video that has shown how to get Photoshop CC 2014 for free. 2 days later he got a stike on YouTube. He decited to quit the Channel.

According to some considerations Revex decited to change to his old RouvenLP Channel and renamed it to AaronArtworks. In January 2015 he has uploaded his first Speedarts - later just Showcases because it takes not much time as Speedarts.


At the middle of February 2015 Revex renamed his Channel AaronArtworks to PrexArtz. Because of a (forced) break untill the end of march 2015 he quit PrexArtz in June because of many inactive Subs.


In August 2015 Revex started a comeback on a new Channel and with a new name - RevexArtist. Since then he mades YouTube Content as Revex.

to be continued...

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